UFN 10 Sam over Spencer, Jason over Thiago

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5/27/07 3:23:02PM
Sam Stout 1:2.5
Jason Black 1:2

send you wagers
5/28/07 3:27:22PM
Sam Stout 1: 2.5

when i say 2.5 i mean 2.5 not 2
5/28/07 3:28:11PM
I'd put up 200 on Fisher for 150 on Stout, but that's about it.
5/28/07 3:30:31PM
I don't think anyone will give you 1:2.5 odds on that fight.

To those people sending him 1:2 odds, you can send them to me if you want , I still have some cash left to bet.
5/28/07 5:54:58PM
Considering Sam Stout beat Fisher last time I dont think youll get those odds.
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