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9/15/10 1:26:07PM
We're underway!
Brian Foster beat Forrest Petz by TKO (strikes) at 1:07 of round 1.
Anthony Waldburger beat David Mitchell by unanimous decision, 3 30-27s.
Rich Attonito beat Rafael Natal by unanimous decision, 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s.
Dave Branch beat Tomasz Drwal by unanimous decision, 3 30-27s.
Kyle Kingsbury beat Jared Hamman by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s.
Yves Edwards beat John Gunderson by unanimous decision, 3 30-27s.
TV fights:
Cole MIller beat Ross Pearson by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:49 of round 2.
Jim Miller beat Gleison (Graison) Tibau by unanimous decision, 2 30-27s and 1 29-28.
Charles Oliveira beat Efrain Escudero by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:25 of round 3.*
Main Event: Nate Marquardt beat Rousimar Palhares by TKO (strikes) at 3:28 of round 1.
*-The fight is catchweight, Escudero missed weight. He is fined 20% of his show money, which goes to Oliveira. That'll probably be around $3200.

Don't forget TUF 12 premieres immediately after the event on Spike. If you miss it, remember to check UltimateFighter.com later on for the fights.

9/15/10 1:31:01PM
Looks like Efrain vs Oliveira is the hot bout with about an hour till picks lock
9/15/10 2:02:12PM
Missing weight by a good 3 pounds tends to have that effect...
9/15/10 4:05:47PM
Hope Tibau smashes Miller. Really excited for this fight card.
9/15/10 4:20:40PM
I just want gunderson to pull off the W, which I think he can and will.

Let's see if they start on time...
9/15/10 4:36:58PM
Nope, take an extended coffee break. Start pushed back to 5 PM ET.
9/15/10 5:17:45PM
Pushed back another 30 mins? Idk how many times I've hit refresh...
9/15/10 5:22:41PM
And now Junkie says the start time was pushed back AGAIN, this time to right about now (5:20 PM ET). Sherdog is saying their results will start at 5:30 PM ET though, so it could be another few minutes.

And in case you missed it in the first post, the TV fights WILL NOT air live on the West Coast. You'll have to wait until 8 PM PT.

Update: The first fight is starting now (just past 5:35 PM ET).

Also this from Junkie's John Morgan via his Twitter on reports of Ricardo Arona to UFC in November: False.
9/15/10 5:39:48PM
First fight started at about 5:37 PM...and just like that it's over. Foster TKOs Petz in 67 seconds.
9/15/10 6:17:20PM

Posted by DCRage

First fight started at about 5:37 PM...and just like that it's over. Foster TKOs Petz in 67 seconds.

LOL I just looked at my fight companion and I made a mistake I wanted Foster but for what ever reason Petz is who it says I picked lol oh well
9/15/10 6:38:21PM
That's why you should never wait until last-minute to verify your picks.

Meanwhile, Nadal double faults...oh, wait, this is Natal. Anyway, Attonito wins, 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s.
9/15/10 6:41:59PM
Slightly surprised that Waldburger beat Mitchell but extremely confused that Attonito was able to work a W over Natal.
9/15/10 7:06:10PM
Branch wins what sounded like a snoozer. 3 30-27s.

Kingsbury beat Hamman, 3 29-28s. Could be FOTN.
9/15/10 7:36:07PM
Dang 2-3 on the prelims so far. Thankfully Foster and Antonitto came through, but the rest of my picks are getting out-decisioned

Edit: Finished 3-3 on the prelims, war thug-jitsu!
9/15/10 7:57:33PM
Sounds like Edwards is sticking around a little longer. 3 30-27s over Gunderson. That's it for prelims.
9/15/10 8:04:21PM
I hate Fight Nights. This is by far the worst start to a card I've ever had. Well, hopefully the fights will be good enough to sooth the pain.
9/15/10 8:21:40PM
Pearson is using legs kicks very well early on, which is what he needs because he is struggling a bit with the range at the minute
9/15/10 8:26:07PM
Damn Miller
9/15/10 8:26:16PM
9/15/10 8:30:48PM
Did he say "Carl Uno"?
9/15/10 8:32:11PM

Posted by AchillesHeel

Did he say "Carl Uno"?

yez er
9/15/10 8:35:30PM
Over/under on number of time we hear "Paul Harris" during the main event?
9/15/10 8:39:16PM
Ehh just checked and I'm getting beat down tonight and on top of that im sick.

parlay blown, only like 21 pts. Gunderson, Mitchell and Drwal all blew it for me.
9/15/10 8:40:46PM

Posted by DCRage

Over/under on number of time we hear "Paul Harris" during the main event?

What do ya mean?
9/15/10 8:58:39PM
close fight there
9/15/10 9:00:18PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

close fight there

I was shocked Teaxs judges got it right.
9/15/10 9:00:56PM
**** this card. I think I'm like 1-5 right now.

Please, Miller...win this f'ing fight.
9/15/10 9:03:02PM
3-5 for 27 points.

9/15/10 9:08:28PM
I guess I shouldnt have picked against one of my favs in Jimbo Miller
9/15/10 9:10:23PM

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