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5/10/07 3:22:24PM
Is UFN 10 card gonna be put up? I wanna put my picks in but its not there yet
5/11/07 10:09:32AM
I want never gets! lol ;)

Theres still a month to go but im sure it will be on very soon
5/11/07 12:42:10PM
ya only added them yesterday so it might take them a few days to get them on here. also afew fights have been added to the ufc 72 card has been put up on so i hope they add those soon also. but as long as all the cards are up by the time ufc 71 is here i don't care.
5/15/07 8:32:40AM
i wonder if maybe they wont include it cause 73 makes 10 events for the saeson...unless tehy move 73 into the next season, they cant add it
5/15/07 9:02:33PM
better not casue they got tuf 5 to put up also
5/17/07 12:05:32PM
they got the card up at the come on guys get it up want to take some guys cash with black and fitch anyone who thinks they will loss then send me a wager after ufc 71
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