UFN 13: Florian vs Lauzon officially announced

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1/20/08 12:26:35PM
Las Vegas, NV (USA) – Fellow New Englanders and rising stars in the UFC® lightweight division, The Ultimate Fighter® alumni Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian and Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon will meet each other where the Ultimate Fighting Championship® all began, and headline the first UFC fight in the state of Colorado in 14 years live on Spike TV Wednesday, April 2 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

1/20/08 12:29:04PM
What a tough fight to choose a winner for, I'd have to say Joe Lauzon though.
1/20/08 12:34:21PM
This is going to be a crazy card awful excited for this one, hope bonnar takes it
1/20/08 1:23:39PM
Lauzon by creepy joe smash
1/21/08 2:25:23AM
I would rather this swap with Bisping/McCarthy.

What a card, Shame no fight night's in Aus. Well legally anyway!
1/21/08 1:58:39PM
i'm taking Hamill and Lauzon, both with Rd. 1 Stoppages. I'd LOVE to see ZOMG Ken Flo get romped.

just saying
1/21/08 2:14:07PM
Id give this one to Florian by 2nd round submission. His jiu-jitsu is much better and his striking has improved greatly.

I think Hamill will win by decision. His standup is clearly coming along as shown by the Bisping fight. Hopefully he has learned to keep his hands up though, even when hes tired. Hes lucky he didnt get knocked out in the Bisping fight. I see him taking it to the ground and doing quite a bit of damage there.