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1/5/10 3:44:23PM
This week im liking:

FOTN- Sadollah vs Blackburn

SOTN- Story over Lennox

KOTN- Simpson over Lawlor

1/5/10 4:24:19PM
FOTN- Efrain over Dunham

SOTN: Diaz over Maynard, only sub I have on the card

KOTN: A-train over Lawlor

I also like Blackburn and Bradley for upsets
1/5/10 4:47:14PM
FOTN : Maynard vs Diaz
KOTN : Leben over Silva
SOTN : Dos Anjos over Bradley
UPSET : Lentz over Tavares
1/5/10 10:31:39PM
fight of night escudero vs evan dunham
ko a train over lawlor
sub story over lennox

upset diaz over maynard
dunham over escudero
1/6/10 1:42:00AM
FOTN: Maynard over Diaz
KOTN: Simpson over Lawlor
SOTN: Tavares I guess....don't have any subs picked
UOTN: Brad over Amir
1/6/10 3:08:05AM
FOTN - Silva/Leben
KOTN - Simpson
SOTN - Dos Anjos
Upset - Dunham over Escudero
1/6/10 9:19:01AM
FOTN Blackburn v Sadollah
Sub Anjos over Bradley
KO Simpson over Lawlor

No major upsets picked from me
1/7/10 12:20:52AM
FOTN - Brad Blackburn over Amir Sadollah

KOTN - Jay Silva over Chris Leben

SOTN - Nate Diaz over Gray Maynard

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