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4/3/08 1:02:07AM
While watching UFN it seemed that more fighters gassed out or seemed to get tired quicker then usual. Was it just me or did anyone else notice this? I believe that it was due to the altitude with the event being held in Colorado.

I didn't think about this when making my picks and think it made an impact in some of the matches.
4/3/08 5:19:36AM
yeah, Lauzon, Din, and Edgar all gassed quickly.
4/3/08 6:53:44AM

Posted by Pookie

yeah, Lauzon, Din, and Edgar all gassed quickly.

yea......Lauzon and edgar are known for their fast paced fights, and great cardio, but both seemed to have gassed quicker.
4/3/08 8:11:04AM
Ya I agree. I didnt think about the altitude. I wouldnt have picked boetch. he gassed quickly as well
4/3/08 10:48:25AM
It is okay if we didn't realize that it was at altitude as we just watch the fights.

But you think the guys who were fighting and possibly thier camps would have thought about it and maybe done something about it. Joe mentioned quite a few times that the altitude was an issue and that some guys showed up two weeks early, but come on, is this even enough.
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