UFN 10.

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6/12/07 9:16:56PM
I'll be updating this as each Main Card fight goes on...

What a CRAZY KO from McFedries, I did not expect that whatsoever. Knocked him on his ass and socked him up hard.

Better KO from Anthony Jackson, Reiner got DROPPED.

Fitch takes Carneiro and makes fairly quick work of him, i'm very surprised by this kid, amazing fighter, very technical and exciting fight, smooth. Title opportunity is lookin promising for Fitch now.

Stout and Fisher is such an amazing fight, best UFN fight I think i've seen.
6/12/07 11:12:19PM
its matches like stout vs fisher, huerta vs garcia that are making the sport popular.
What a war!
Fanboy 1988
6/12/07 11:21:35PM
That fight was 10x better then I expected it to be, can't wait for a third one.
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