UFN 13 - unaired prelims (video)

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4/4/08 10:51:54AM
4/4/08 10:52:41AM
you are awesome. +1
4/4/08 12:20:09PM
Nice! Thanks for posting! That was a nice right-hand by Marcus and an impressive finish!
4/4/08 12:24:36PM
@#$% internet blockers here at work.
guess i'll have to watch it when i get home.
4/4/08 1:08:01PM
4/4/08 1:53:11PM
Marcus Aurelio owned Ryan Roberts for those 16 secs................ Amazing transition into an armbar
4/4/08 2:11:27PM
4/4/08 2:16:48PM
Give Marcus another top guy heck give him Guida again and I think we will see a different outcome in that fight. He looks real good lately and this is just an example of how deep that division really is. We could have a whole PPV with just LW and be amazed and have some of the best matches of the year thats how amazing it is. I knew it was deep but i guess i just stepped back and looked at it with a better view. Wow...who needs a HW division with a LW one like this .
4/4/08 3:17:18PM
Neer vs Thomas anyone?

Thanks for the post all great fights.
4/4/08 4:06:48PM
Wow. Aurelio's transition was unreal. That was so sick, so smooth. . .wow.
4/5/08 6:30:29PM
4/5/08 6:48:02PM
Marcus Aurelio...

makes me honored to partake in JJ...that was just awe inspiring. Kenny Florian should have done this to Lauzon when he had him rocked but apparantly he wanted to "send a message"
4/5/08 8:17:38PM

Posted by hotrodttt

UFN 13: George Sotiropoulos vs Roman Mitichyan

Wow, that was an impressive performance by George. He just dominated him!

EDIT: Thanks again guys for posting. After seeing 11 of the 12 fights I have to say that all of the fights have been good! That is pretty impressive as this fight card lived up to the hype and maybe even surpassed it! Great night of fights, I think this card was better than UFC 82. I will give anyone props if they can find the Thomas/Neer fight.
4/5/08 8:50:52PM

Posted by billycarnage

Neer vs Thomas anyone?

Thanks for the post all great fights.

anyone got the neer fight? tried to prop the video posters but said i had to spread the love
4/6/08 12:47:24AM
Guys, for future reference, post these in the video vault. You can make discussions in the official thread. This way there is less clutter.
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