UFCs Tito Ortiz casting for a new reality show?

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2/19/08 4:26:11PM
Perhaps UFC light heavyweight Tito Ortiz didn’t get his reality television fix appearing on this season of the “Celebrity Apprentice.”

RealityWanted.com indicates that he’s got something else in the hopper:

2/19/08 4:39:44PM
LMAO. Classic Tito. alwayz finding ways too get more fans. love that about him, hes all about the fans.
This does seem like a MMA kock off of So You Wanna Fight, and Fedors rumored reality show. Gonna watch too see Tito host this show. LMAO gonna be jokes
2/19/08 5:07:55PM
seems like a pretty silly show.. i would probalby watch though
2/20/08 12:47:37AM
Damn, can you imagine calling up your old roommate that got you kicked out and telling him "guess what bitch, tito ortiz is going to teach me how to put your ass in a triangle choke" ha ha, I wish I could go on there I have a few people in mind.
2/20/08 1:00:37AM
Even with 6 months of training your going to react naturally, if your a boxer you will box, if your a wrestler you will wrestle...ect. Real MMA fighters have a lot of training to counter that. No newbie ass desk jockey is going to learn to fight MMA halfway decently in time for them to record and show the whole thing in any decent rotation.
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