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POLL: what are you looking most forward to?
HW: Lesner Vs Velasquez - Carwin (winner) 19% (12)
LHW: Machida Vs Rua 38% (24)
MW: Silva Vs Henderson 16% (10)
WW: St. Pierre Vs Swick - Kampmann (winner) 3% (2)
LW: Penn Vs Sanchez 24% (15)
8/11/09 12:29:00AM
HW: Lesner Vs Velasquez - Carwin (winner)

LHW: Machida Vs Rua

MW: Silva Vs Henderson

WW: St. Pierre Vs Swick - Kampmann (winner)

LW: Penn Vs Sanchez

8/11/09 12:37:45AM
For me, it's Machida vs Rua. I do think it will be aq great fight, and likely KOTN for UFC 104. It's a close match up if you ask me, as both have good striking, though Machida is way more unothodox. I think it's gonna be a great fight.
8/11/09 12:53:39AM
I don't see any champions losing their next title fight except BJ to Sanchez
8/11/09 1:11:24AM
Im gonna have to go with Machida vs Rua but only because its the next to happen. I look forward to any title fight, its what its all about! I do hope that Hendo gets his second chance and Anderson doesnt vacate the belt.
8/11/09 1:31:39AM
Brock vs Carwin/Cain - Because I can see Carwin beating him... Velasquez has an excellent chin, as was shown in the Kongo fight. We all wanted to see Fedor vs Brock, but I guess its not happening.

Machida vs Rua - Machida is too elusive, and too technically sound.

Spider Silva vs Hendo - Spider beat him once already, and he murdered him with a 2nd rd RNC. Sick. Hendo is a lot better now, but beating Palhares, Franklin and Bisping is not the same as fighting Spider.

GSP vs Swick/Kampmann - Honestly, Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves were both tougher challenges than these 2.

So it brings me to...

Sanchez vs BJ




8/11/09 6:43:32AM
These champions are most likely set in stone for at least the immediate future...though as Brian Bowles can attest anyone can win on any night...I think Anderson should vacate and challenge at 205...and GSP should vacate and challenge at 185..these two moves would reinvigorate those divisions and make them way more competitive again...just an idea before I start get nailed
8/11/09 8:32:23AM
I would like to see Lesnar and Machida's next fights equally. I'm very excited for both of these fights. I'm also pumped to see BJ defend his title again....

It seems to me that Anderson Silva will just beat Dan again so I'm not super excited to see that fight. Although I do like to watch Anderson fight, I just want some fresh matches.

And GSP will probably win another unanimous decision with his wrestling, so his fight kinda bores me....
8/11/09 2:01:58PM
I bet if randy or big nog dominate one or the other they will get the next crack at lesnar
8/11/09 6:20:07PM
I'd say if big nog wins decisively then yes he'll get the chance...but if its Randy then tough to say...I would bet against it...I'd look more at even a possible fight with Anderson
8/11/09 7:04:10PM
i gotta go win penn vs sanchez
i am going to big vegas show on jan 2nd so i know one of those 4 fights will be as main event, i am more thinking with silva quick work of griffin

nov in vegas
silva vs henderson

evans vs rampage

vegas on jan 2nd and super bowl weekend with have 2 of the other 3 fights but more likely lesnar fight superbowl weekend and jan 2nd fight be honestly i hope bj penn but more likely st pierre vs swick/kammpman with i am just guessing on instint co main event or big nog / couture vs cro cop win or lose
8/11/09 7:37:06PM

Posted by sclasclemski

I'd say if big nog wins decisively then yes he'll get the chance...but if its Randy then tough to say...I would bet against it...I'd look more at even a possible fight with Anderson

I think Randy need to go back up to at least 230 if he wants to even convince himself he has chance at beating Lesnar.
8/11/09 8:17:14PM
I picked Penn/Sanchez because I think it will be WAR.

8/11/09 8:32:40PM
Brock vs Shane
8/11/09 9:15:04PM
a few months ago , it woulda been machida /shogun ...now though , i gotta lean more towards hendo /asilva for me . war hendo !
8/12/09 12:10:44AM
penn/sanchez easily
8/12/09 2:52:06AM
Alot of these matches are kind of gimme matches.
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