UFCjunkie.com Exclusive: Diego Sanchez vs. Jon Fitch at UFC 76

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7/9/07 5:33:37AM

According to a UFCJunkie , Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez is rumored to take on Jon Fitch at UFC 76 in Anaheim California on September 22. Sanchez is coming off his first ever MMA loss to Josh Koscheck at UFC 69. With this win Sanchez can re-establish himself again as a top contender in the welterweight division. Jon Fitch brings his thirteen fight winning streak and undefeated UFC record to take on Sanchez. Both fighters are in need of this big win to put themselves into title contention.

UFCJunkie http://www.cagetoday.com/
7/9/07 10:14:07AM
This is the third rumored fight we've heard involving Diego - remember the first two (Sakurai and Penn) both turned out to be false. I'm not holding my breath.
7/9/07 11:18:27AM
I think he would lose all 3 of those rumored fights
7/9/07 11:47:26AM
he has a much better chance at winning this one than any of them. I think it would be a close one but I think Diego would probably take it. If this is true it's good to see them finally giving fitch a chance to break into the title contender's scene.
7/9/07 12:16:50PM
The only fighter I can't stand more than Tito Ortiz . . . Diego needed that loss to Kos to bring him back to reality. I think Fitch would be the most likely opponent for him, seeing how he is an up-and-comer and someone Diego thinks he can beat. Would love to see Sakurai but it looks like he'll have to wait and BJ will probably take his title shot against Sherk before moving back up to 170.
7/9/07 1:00:35PM
Im ready for Diego to just go away. He's slipping, and has half the heart he once had... I guess thats what happens when you stop training and start banging theinterview girls instead.
7/9/07 2:16:44PM
Jon Fitch will destroy Sanchez in a decision or maybe even a knockout
7/9/07 5:43:59PM
fitch is a very good fighter, but sanchez is better. i don't know why so many of you are doubting him. koscheck is simply on another planet right now. who has sanchez beat? how about joe riggs, karo parisyian, nick diaz, and kenny florian. is that good enough for you? who has fitch beat? josh burkman, thiago alves, and luigi fioravanti. those 3 are good fighters, but not the caliber that sanchez has beaten. sanchez is the better fighter, and if they fight, sanchez SHOULD win..
7/9/07 7:08:19PM

im not a sanchez fan, especially after his showing vs kos, but if he gets his shit straight he could definately take fitch. COULD
7/19/07 10:11:36AM
Diego Sanchez is a great fighter; the man was on a role a 19-0.
He should have lost to nick diaz, or karo parisyian. I even thought Riggs would have beaten him.

Fitch is also on a 13 -0 role but I was not impressed by his last fight. He looked very slow me, I don’t see him winning this fight. Diego Sanchez TKO 2 round if he cuts back on the pot.

Give credit where its due the man can fight.
7/19/07 11:15:02AM
listen if u ever doubt diegos abilities watch him fight karo. he was sick when he fought kos. diego is the man !jon is tough but not in the same class as diego.
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