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11/14/07 8:24:21PM
I just signed up thanks to direct tv for giving me a 1yr subscription for ordering the fight package.If so add me up my name on there is same as on here.Its kinda like a Ufc Myspace in a way with other perks and stuff.
11/15/07 8:32:38AM
i'm a member of the my name on there is the same name i have on here. i like it even though the presale tickets are a joke. but getting an autograph and pic's of the fighters will be worth it.
11/15/07 10:13:53AM

Posted by chuckw94
but getting an autograph and pic's of the fighters will be worth it.

Hopefully the fight club works out there "corks" and it will be as easy and worth it as it should be.

Ive been to 2 different UFC events as a fight club member and both of them had numerous problems going on. If I wouldnt have arrived at the arena an hour and a half before the doors opened to Fight Club members i would have got screwed big time at UFC 77. Some FC members waited in line 45 minutes before the doors opened to them (not the public) and still got screwed by not getting to meet the 4 fighters for autographs AND also missed out on the Q+A with Dana and Jardine, while some general public people got in to the autograph signing and sat in on the Q+A. The Fight club CAN be an awesome thing and worth the money if they would just vamp it up a little more and make sure stuff like this doesnt happen.
11/15/07 10:22:49AM
So, on the whole, would you guys say it is still a worthwhile thing to invest in?

I'm considering joining, as I'm going to UFC 80 and quite fancy going to the weigh ins / Q & A etc.
11/15/07 10:39:24AM
how much is it to join the fight club?
11/15/07 10:41:07AM
It's about £35 for me I think, so thats $75 - $80.
11/15/07 11:55:26AM

Posted by Salty

how much is it to join the fight club?

They have 2 membership options:
Regular (available online only)-$24.99. Includes the following:
1 year membership
Fighter chats
Access to UFC community
10% discount on all UFC merchandise at the UFC Online Store
Buddy Icons & Wallpapers
Exclusive Video & Archived footage

Ultimate-$74.99. Includes all regular stuff plus these:
First access to pre-sale tickets (not guaranteed, they're first-come first served. Available for US & Canada shows only)
Members only contests/events
Exclusive access at PPV events
UFC Fight Club exclusive t-shirt
More surprises added throughout the year
If you're already a member, you can renew for 1 year for $64.99 and get the t-shirt.

The page for info & to join is here:
11/15/07 12:03:23PM
I am a member
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