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9/4/07 12:48:45AM
What are your wagers for UFC 75?

I have money on Sakara. I see money in him with him being +200.

I also bet on Bisping over Hamill even tho its going at -280. I just don't see Bisping losing.

For all the other fights I think are either to close to bet on or no money in them.

9/4/07 4:21:56AM
All my money is on Rampage. I'm in the process of bouncing back and forth between Alexander but I have been on Rampage for about a week.
9/4/07 7:35:44AM
im putting ALL my $85 on naouki cotani or w/e the **** his name his...i see him getting an easy first round sub at -100 odds
9/4/07 10:58:46AM
i got 800 on bisping 25 on skara 350 on rampage and 21 on kongo(had a dream that cc got kod so i figured 21 bucks of fake money aint s***)
9/4/07 3:50:36PM
I put 700 on Mirko, and i think sakara will win and the odds are great if you are picking sakara, so i put 300 on him, and i just put the rest i had on rampage, i think its something like 70
9/4/07 4:02:00PM
if you lose all your money do you ever get any money back? lol i know but i lose a lot
9/4/07 6:12:18PM

Posted by loonytnt

if you lose all your money do you ever get any money back? lol i know but i lose a lot

u gain money from making corrects picks too.....money also resets every season
9/5/07 10:06:43PM
1400 on Henderson and some small bets on the other fights
9/5/07 10:08:37PM
just figured out how to do bets.

I am going against michael bespin on this one actually. although they usually do not let michael fight guys who can beat him i think this one is pretty close so he may.

otherwise rampage over dan henderson.
9/6/07 2:45:09AM
Kotani is a save bet I guess..

a lot of close fights so I may bet some small amounts on Taylor and Hamill
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