UFC 74: Winner of Koscheck vs. St. Pierre Will Wait for Title Shot

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5/14/07 5:34:34PM
Prior to his UFC 69 bout with Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck was all but assured a title shot. All he had to do was somehow get past his castmate from The Ultimate Fighter‘s first season.

5/14/07 5:49:46PM
shitty. very shitty. sucks for GSP.
5/14/07 6:00:49PM
It is when TUF interferes with the UFC in this type of way that really rubs me the wrong way.
5/15/07 8:58:57AM
I can't believe that they're waiting until December to fight. Serra vs. Hughes as coaches on TUF isn't entertaining enough to hold off the most exciting division's title fight for the better part of a year.
5/15/07 1:18:06PM
I agree. I think it would be better for TUF UFC and the division itself if they at least had a match beforehand. Then they could have the rematch afterwards while the respective contenders really prove their rankings. Still a bad situation as we have to wait 6 months for the title belt though. I guess that means more heavyweight matches =)
5/15/07 1:53:05PM
They're just trying to get TUF ratings up. As I understand TUF season 5 has the lowest ratings in the history of the series.
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