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2/26/07 9:29:32PM
If anyone has ever been to the weigh-in "meet and greet" for a UFC event, I'd like some advice. I live in Columbus, OH, but I have passed on seeing the event live (and I'm assuming that I'll regret this decision. Probably gonna be years until they come back).

Anyway, I'm planning on heading down to the Arena for the weigh-ins on Friday. What should I expect? The UFC website says the weigh-ins are from 3 to 5 PM. Should I show up early? 2 PM? 1 PM? It's a free event, so I expect a large turnout, but I heard that the last weigh-in in Vegas only attracted about 300 people. I expect the turnout to be larger than that due to it being in the mid-west. Never happened before, so people are probably seeing this as a RARE thing, therefore are more interested.

What are my chances of actually meeting/getting pics with some of these guys? Is it a guarantee? Or do I need to be in the right place a the right time?

How does seating work? Mad rush for the front, or first come first seated?

If anyone has ever been to a weigh-in before, please share your experience so I have some idea as to what to expect and what I should do to maximize my experience.

2/26/07 9:49:18PM
Just wear a T-shirt that says "I Love(a heart) Dana White" and you should get VIP treatment!
2/27/07 9:44:50AM
From what i hear weight ins a great to go to. Great time to meet the fighters. They are all happy to sign autographs. My suggestion show up a hour early. If there is only 300 people there then you will get close to some of the fighters.
2/27/07 5:57:20PM
a dana white quote if my fighters dont wanna meet the fans i dont want them so the fighters will be glad to sign autos and get pics taken
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