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4/14/07 8:41:19PM

That is the link to the website. If you haven't seen it yet.
I personally love the map feature, this is truly an international event. Also the little fight previews got me pretty pumped for this main event. Joe Rogan basically says that Bisping will walk thru Sinosic which I like someone in the UFC has finally said.
4/15/07 7:10:29AM
Im really looking forward to Heath vs. Machida now after seeing the in depth video. It should be a great fight! I still can't beleive they aren't hyping Arlovsk vs. Werdum
4/15/07 11:51:04AM
That was what caught my attention right away too. Heath is definetly looking to hand Machida that first loss and has the right mentality. But the clips of machida vs. Hoger and Machida's crisp clean striking made me swing back to the middle ground. That fight has the possiblity of fight of the night.

But so does Werdum vs. Arlovski and Vilimaki vs. Sakara.

I do not know why they won't advertise the Arlovski fight it will be a war.
4/15/07 12:08:34PM
They need to get Werdum's name out there to the newer fans because he has a very good chance at submitting Arlovski and it will leave people wondering who's werdum?
4/15/07 1:59:01PM
well i don't care who the hype up they are showing the top 5 fights i wnat to see on the card so i'm not going to cry. plus its free.
4/15/07 2:00:03PM
Werdum is very dangerous with his submissions
4/15/07 2:03:59PM
I too don't see why UFC's not hyping up the Arlovski vs Werdum, which in my opinion may have Fight of the Night written all over it.
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