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2/4/07 5:55:30PM
I have updated my site to include videos from UFC 67 highlighting Cro Cop Vs. Eddie Sanchez as well as Anderson "The Spider" Silva Vs. Travis Lutter.

It was a good event overall and the vast majority of my picks were successful

Check out the UFC 67 Videos right here


MMA Fever - Are you down with the sickness?
2/4/07 6:10:47PM
Sweet Awesome. Groovy. Thanks.
2/5/07 10:10:05AM
Wow Nobody has looked at this thread barely. What a waste. Such good Videos too.
2/5/07 11:06:45AM
very good knockout highlights. Fedor's ground and pound is the most deadliest in the game. Can you imagine how devastating he would be if Fedor fought in a cage with elbows? HOLY CRAP!
2/5/07 7:43:18PM

I have included the UFC 67 fighter payouts just now.

Very interesting indeed.

Thanks for checking out my site, I have the Cro Cop, Silva, Rampage and Huerta videos up now for all to enjoy.


MMA Fever
2/5/07 8:29:50PM
Thank You for this posting!
2/5/07 8:41:39PM
No worries man!

Just so you know, I don't make a cent from this site. In fact, it was a dare from a bunch of guys at work that are MMA fans. I took the dare and created the site that I wanted that I couldn't find anywhere else.

The rest is currently making history...

I am in the number one spot in Google for UFC 67 video'and UFC 67 videos.

Not bad for a balls against the wall tiny blogger.com site that started up January 14, 2007 huh?

Sometimes the underdog does come out on top as I learned in spades at UFC 67 ;)

Thank you for the kind words and I will be giving MMA fans what they crave as long as I am down with the sickness... and there is no actual cure so you know.

MMA Fever - Are you down with the sickness?
2/5/07 9:11:20PM
Oh yeah, it's important to note that MMA Fever also ranks #2 for the search term MMA Playground in Google.

The number 1 site of course is MMAPlayground.com

I posted a glowing article to promote this site 'cause I love the fantasy league and the hard nosed MMA experts that live here.

Proud to be an MMA Playground member.

MMA Ferver - Are you down with the sickness?
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