UFC 68 Video - Catch it while you can!

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3/4/07 10:55:14AM

The televised card is up on MMA Fever.. not sure for how long so in the meantime... Enjoy!

UFC 68 Video - Catch it while you can!

MMA Fever - Are you down with the sickness?
3/4/07 2:15:57PM
Will someone else please give this guy some props!
3/4/07 2:18:43PM
Yea i gave u props for that thanks alot, I didn't get to order the PPV
3/4/07 6:19:20PM
Thanks man.
3/4/07 6:57:17PM
You are welcome.

I paid $40 to see UFC 68 full of commercials so I thought MMA Fever fans should be spared from the UFC commercial nonsense.

I am glad that many MMA Playground fans enjoyed the fights.

Props to Lambert and Lytle for kicking some UFC ass!

MMA Fever
3/4/07 6:59:45PM
Many props for MMA Fever in general, great archive of some really decent MMA coverage I haven't seen before.
3/4/07 7:07:59PM
Props to MMA Fever!
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