UFC 72 "Victory" Confirmed For Spike TV On June 16

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4/17/07 12:49:09PM

The official website of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC.com) has confirmed that UFC 72 "Victory" will be broadcast for free on Spike TV on June 16th.

The show will be headlined by Rich Franklin vs. Martin Kampmann and Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez and will emanate from Ireland.

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4/17/07 2:49:57PM
This is crazy, two should be PPV cards on Spike for free. I have heard rumours about not being able to get PPV liscences but what is the real story here are they banking on huge international PPV #''s and thus giving our wallets a break in North America?

Whatever it is I love it and can't wait for more free MMA action.
4/17/07 2:53:14PM
Makes me wonder if they're still having difficulties ironing out the HBO deal...free is definitely better than $40.

4/17/07 3:19:46PM
Maybe they're just wanting more and more fans. If they put quality fighters on TV for free, even more people will take notice.

4/17/07 5:42:16PM
I'm loving this shit for sure...
4/17/07 10:06:57PM
no more payyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying $40
4/17/07 11:31:24PM
Im guessing it's free for two reasons. #1. Rich Franklin vs. Martin Kampmann and Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez are the two headlining fights thus far. Im not fighter bashing ether I happen to like Rich Franklin and Martin Kampmann.

#2. Time difference. Just like UFC 70 only hard core fans are going order PPV at odd hours. They will prob make more money with commercial spots than PPV buys.........

Nothing against the UFC big wigs but they own the UFC to make money, not to give us fans free fights.
4/18/07 8:14:57PM
I think this is great i think love free fights
Fanboy 1988
4/19/07 5:12:07AM
This is sweet, we get UFC 70 for free and now were gonna get 72 for free to. Kickass!
4/19/07 1:21:25PM
Yeah im from n.ireland and i cant wait for the UFC coming here. Ive been a fan of the sport for 5 years and never thought this would happen. Hopefully belfast will be confirmed soon, so go about buying myself some tickets.
4/21/07 8:09:47AM
it's gonna be free because of the cost difference in putting a show on live as opposed to showing it delayed

also would you really pay for those fights???

we seem to be getting a bum deal in the uk considering that dana white is supposed to be so excited about bringing the ufc over here he keeps giving us average fights
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