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POLL: Who will fight Anderson Silva for the title?
Rich Franklin 49% (19)
Mike Swick 21% (8)
Nate Marquardt 26% (10)
Martin Kampmann 0% (0)
Yushin Okami 5% (2)
David Terrel 0% (0)
3/8/07 9:00:16AM
Rich Franklin 8-1 in UFC (4-1 in title fights)
Mike Swick 5-0 in UFC
Nate Marquardt 4-0 in UFC
Martin Kampmann 3-0 in UFC
Yushin Okami 3-0 in UFC
David Terrel 2-1 in UFC (0-1 in title fights)

Who do you guys thinks deserves a title shot at the UFC MW title. In terms of UFC experince Franklin is clearly the man for the job. But Swick has the highest undefeated record. Swick is supposed to fight Okami and the winner of that is rumoured to get a title shot (although so was the winner of Swick/Loiseau). Dave Terrel has shown some good skills but perhaps deserves the shot the least due to inactivity (8 fights in almost 8 years).
Kampmann is on a hot streak and perhaps a possilbe fight with Marquardt and the winner of that fight will get a title shot. Marquardt is arguably the most experinced fighter on this list with 7 King of Pancrase titles to his credit. He has never been seen by the televison audience in the UFC since his debut agasint Ivan Salaverry (which to be frank made every wrestler, realize how boring lay and pray is). He is rumoured to be fighting for the title agaisnt Anderson Silva in the near future though, so maybe the thread is pointless. But hey Vera and Gonzaga were supposed to fight Tim Sylvia.
3/8/07 9:19:10AM
3/8/07 10:17:15AM
Yeah i heard Rich Franklin say that Nate was getting a title shot on "the beatdown" and that it is in ink. After i wrote this thread though. Oh well. Vote on who should get the next title shot after him.
3/8/07 10:57:47AM
With Silva-Marquardt in July, I imagine the earliest another MW title fight could take place would be October.

Given that, I expect Franklin to be in line for a shot. I assume he'll have another fight before then, and there's nobody in the UFC right now that I wouldn't expect him to beat. I think he'd beat Swick, Kampmann, or Okami, and would probably murder anybody else.

If Dana White pulls another coup and signs one of PRIDE's Welterweights, things could get more interesting, but I think Franklin would handle any of the PRIDE guys who would fight at 185 (I think Kang and Filho would fight at 170, in the UFC, and Henderson will never leave while he's holding the belts).

So, yeah... Franklin-Silva II next Autumn (sorry, Nate, I'm picking Anderson to win).
3/8/07 11:13:34AM
I agree, I think that if you are a champ, and get taken out, the road to regain the belt should be no more than 3 fights (given they win).
3/8/07 2:47:34PM
Im calling it now, Franklin will retain his title back from Anderson.

He looked great against Macdonald (like his old self) and he knows what he is up against facing Anderson.

I think Rich will win if he employs the same tactics Randy used on Timmy
3/8/07 3:57:47PM
Franklin is proby gonna get it next, although i do think Swick is due for a title shot, espeicially if he defeats Okami.
3/8/07 5:11:05PM
nate has proven to be steady in winning.
3/8/07 5:25:08PM
This is a hard decision for me between Franklin and Swick. I beleive anybody who loses their championship should always get a quick rematch to avenge the loss. I mean he was the champ, he made successfull title defenses, and is overall a great fighter.

However, Swick has been hanging for a while. He's been asking for a title shot and is 5-0 in the UFC. IMO, all 5 of those wins came in very impressive fashion. If he beats Okami, that's another win on top of 5-0 and I don't think he deserves to be left waiting.
3/8/07 5:26:57PM
i would have liked to see swick vs. marquardt first, before a title shot.
3/8/07 7:43:00PM
franklin needs one more fight before the rematch, but who can he fight??
3/9/07 12:02:21AM
franklin deserves it
3/9/07 12:47:33AM

Posted by poll77

franklin needs one more fight before the rematch, but who can he fight??

Rory Singer...give him a nice ass kicking
3/9/07 3:30:27PM
I'd like to see Franklin/Swick fight before either on get the title shot. Call me crazy but I'd bet on Swick!
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