UFC 68: Sylvia Heavily Favored in Couture’s Return

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3/1/07 12:08:18AM
The mixed martial arts world will be focused on the return of Randy Couture this Saturday. But his opponent thinks people may be focusing on the wrong guy.

3/1/07 2:11:16AM
Randy is the champ he lost to chuck because he couldnt take him down. With no doubt in my mind, he will be able to take Tim down and finish him off like he does best.
3/1/07 7:22:30PM
I don't understand why Sylvia is favored so heavily in this fight. Couture seems to have a good game plan to counter Tim's style. If there's anyone in the UFC's Heavyweight division other than CroCop that can take out Tim Sylvia, it's Randy Couture.

It's going ot be an interesting fight, but I think Randy's got the drop on Tim.
3/1/07 9:54:22PM
Man, I am having flash backs to UFC 43 when it was Couture vs. Liddell. Even in UFC 44 Couture was the underdog to Tito Ortiz. I think he has a solid plan, and is one of the few fighters out there who has the ability to impose his will on his opponents. I have to say, I am pulling for the Natural, just to see it happen again.
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