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2/3/07 7:19:30PM
It is 2 hours and 45 minutes until UFC 67 begins. I'll be posting the results here, as they happen.

8:35: The pay per view just came on. Rogan says he might give Lutter better than 50/50 chance of beating Silva.

9:03: Here we go!

The production looks different. The UFC logo is in white with red accents. Same for the television overlays.

Lutter gave a heartfelt apology for not making weight. He says he makes no excuses. Rogan says its because he doesn't have a coach.

Silva feels that Lutter has insulted him and the belt by not making weight.

9:12 First fight is Cote vs Scott Smith. Whoo, I'm psyched for this fight.

9:27: Round 1 is over. Cote landed some leg kicks early. Smith lands a short right. Cote gets a takedown, Smith gets back up quickly. It was close, I'd give Cote the first round for the leg kicks and solid takedown. It could go either way.

9:29: Round 2: Cote lands a solid shot that rocks Smith. Scott gathers himself and tries a karate kid crane kick. When done correctly, there' s no defense. Good action. The crowd boos a little, but I thought the action was good. I'd have to give that round to Cote for the right that shook Smith.

Round 3: Smith comes out knowing he's behind. Flurry of punches and Smith goes for a takedown. Cote defends. The pace slows dramatically. Cote lands a solid body shot. Smith rocks cote with a right hand in the middle of a punch flurry. Round 3 could have gone either way. Smith might have won that round, but I don't think it will help.

Bravo has Cote winning all 3 rounds.

Unanimous Decision 30-27 Cote

Second fight of the night is Rampage Jackson vs Marvin Eastman.

Round 1 of Jackson vs Eastman: The fight starts to a good pace. Both guys look sharp, but Jackson has a big size advantage on Eastman. Rampage lands some good punches from inside the clinch. Eastman answers with an inside elbow. Rampage flurries and lands a few glancing shots. Rampage lands a good left that rocks Eastman with 11 seconds left in the round. He couldn't finish him. Round one for Jackson for getting the better of the exchanges and getting Eastman in trouble at the end of the round.

Round 2: Nothing much happens for the first 2 minutes. A few exchanges but nothing significant. Eastman lands a good elbow with 1:30 left in the round. Wow, clich and Rampage lands some solid inside uppercuts that drop Eastman. Big John steps in and the fight is over.

Rampage Jackson, Round 2 KO.

Halverson vs Huerta:

Huerta went for a takedown. Scrambling, Huerta lands a knee to a downed Halverson's head. The ref warns Huerta but does not break them up. Halverson is hurt, Huerta takes his back, throws punches to Halverson until the fight is stopped.

Rogan calls it "very controversial".

:19 of first round, Huerta by KO.

Huerta says the knee hit Halverson's shoulder, not the head. The announcers sort of agree that the replay shows the knee hit the shoulder, not the head.

Next fight is Cro Cop vs Sanchez..

Round 1: Cro Cop looks ice cold pre fight. They touch gloves, Eddie comes in wildly. Cro cop lands a sharp left. The crowd ooohs. Cro Cop lands kicks to the body, and another left to the face. Sanchez has been back pedalling for the whole round. Another straight left, another kick to the body. Sanchez lands a few glancing shots. Cro Cop blinks hard. The clinch at 2:40, nothing happens, they split and Cro Cop lands another, Eddie is a little wobbly, but still standing. Cro Cop lands 2 vicious leg kicks. Left high kick glances off of Sanchez's head. Another left and Eddie trips over his own feet, Cro Cop is on top, takes mount. 1:11 left in the round. Sanchez has decent defense, Cro Cop punches at the head, but Eddie covers up well. The ref tells Eddie to get out of there, then steps in.

Cro Cop round 1 TKO.

Next fight is the Main Event, the non-title fight between Anderson Silva and Travis Lutter.

Round 1: The fighters circle, Silva is keeping his distance. Lutter is looking to close the distance. Lutter shoots, but he's not even close.

Silva throws a flying knee, it glances, but Lutter grabs and takes Silva down. Silva gets full guard. Silva locks up a body triangle from the bottom. Lutter tries to get space, but nothing comes, Silva gets to his feet, but Lutter scrambles, grabs Silva's foot an takes him down again. Silva locks on the body triangle again. Silva lands a good upkick, but Lutter regains position in Silvas active guard. Lutter passed to side conrol. 1 minute left in the round. Lutter attempts to pass, gets half guard, scrambles to full mount. He's raingin punches, Silva takes several, but Silva wraps his legs around Lutter and gets to his feet. Lutter ends the round on his back with Silva looking at him standing up.

Round 2: Lutter shoots and takes Silva down. Silva has full guard. Lutter postures, Silva throws an upkick and gets a triangle locked on Lutter. He wraps up with his hands to get it tight. Its locked but Lutter is keeping enough space. Silva is pulling it hard. Silva lands punches to Lutters head with the triangle still on. Lutter taps.

Anderson Silva via Submission Round 2.

Griffin vs Edgar
Round 1: Good action from these two guys, Griffin gets a big takedown. Egar gets to his feet. Edgar shoots, has it blocke and lands a knee to Griffin's head.

Round 2: Tyson Griffin lands a good uppercut but Edgar doesn't seem fazed. Griffin wings big shots, but Edgar gets a takedown. Another takedown, a few transitions and Edgar has Griffin's back and full mount at the end of the round.

Round 3: Griffin lands some nice leg kicks. Edgar lands some good shots and gets several takedowns during the round. Griffin locks on a knee bar with 30 seconds left in the fight. He has it on tight and is torquing it really well, Edgar toughs it out to finish the fight, but limps after the fight.

Edgar wins by decision.

Rivera vs Martin
Round 1: Rivera throws a kick, Martin catches it and takes Rivera down. He lands 2 punches to Riveras head and knocks him out. 14 seconds, Terry Martin, KO.
2/3/07 9:24:30PM
Dustin Hazlett by Unanimous Decision
Lyoto Machida by Unanimous Decision
just go to sherdog to find out the results as there happening
2/3/07 9:44:15PM
Looks like a lot of people are gonna get burned by wagering for Griffin. Edgar with the first big upset of the night.
2/3/07 10:13:59PM
Here we go! Warrrr Scott Smith!
2/3/07 10:52:22PM
That might have been the end to Jorge Rivera's UFC career! What a disaster.

Oh well....
2/3/07 10:59:38PM
I changed my pick for Rampage from a second round win to a first round win...


2/4/07 12:13:21AM

Posted by Ken_Masters

Looks like a lot of people are gonna get burned by wagering for Griffin. Edgar with the first big upset of the night.

Tell me about it, I got quite a few picks wrong I was unconfident and took some other peoples advice that I shouldn't have. Won't be happening again
2/4/07 12:47:39AM
Thanks for providing this to us. Really good to get more than one point of view on these fights.
2/4/07 1:15:17AM
Phooking depressing man, out of all the fights I picked all but three. And I bet money only on those fights.
2/4/07 2:03:16AM
Thanks a lot for posting this. I missed getting out of Iraq and being able to see the PPV by 1 week. Oh well, at least I'll get to watch 68. It really helps to have an actual semi break down of the fight!

Damn Cote, man... he always rocks em but can't quite get that KO. He needs to work on his stand up defense a little bit still, it sounds like. Did it look like his ground game improved?

Kickin' my own ass for picking a round two KO for Cro Cop.

2/4/07 2:31:15AM
Nice play by play. Feel like Smith let me down. Cote seemed scared of the knockout punch (rightfully so after Sell). Never expected the Silva by submission or that Griffin would lose. What a finish for Terry Martin... nice!!! Oh and Crop cop is here to stay! He looked like he belonged in that octagon.

That's MMA for you. Anything can happen.
2/4/07 1:33:20PM
Cote didn't have that killer instinct. He hurt Smith once and didn't capitalize on it. Lucky for him he got the decision.
2/4/07 4:35:25PM
Yeah definitely, I thought Cote was kinda fighting more not to lose than for the win after he stunned Smith with the punch. Really boring fight, the boos were def warranted.
2/5/07 2:25:16AM
I am happy for Cote. If he builds some confidence he may go places.
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