UFC'S Relationship With HBO Continues To Evolve

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3/3/07 9:34:15AM
An article by the Associated Press has addressed the issue of the UFC's relationship with HBO Sports, and the Wrestling Observer recently reported on some of the points of contention between the two companies as well.

3/3/07 3:25:39PM
I would love to see the UFC, or any organization, on HBO. I just don't like how it talked about some of the HBO people bashing MMA and saying it is not good enough for HBO. These guys are just scared that MMA is going to be more popular (if not already) than boxing. It would be great to see any form of an MMA broadcast on HBO. I am always looking to find more fights on tv, I was glad to see a broadcast on HDNET last night. It was Ring of Fire out of Colorado and it was well worth watching and I was also happy to find BodogFight on Ion earlier this week.
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