UFC 74: Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

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4/24/07 12:26:26AM

According to MMAWeekly.com, that bout is tentatively scheduled for UFC 74 on August 25.

4/24/07 2:28:48AM
randy might be in some trouble
4/24/07 8:51:58AM
couture isn't gonna be champion after that fight
4/24/07 8:58:18AM
One of lifes rules:

1. Don't spit into the wind
2. Don't stepon Supermans cape
4/24/07 2:04:52PM

Posted by snakeplissken

One of lifes rules:

1. Don't spit into the wind
2. Don't stepon Supermans cape

Couldnt have said it better haha. But this guy is no Tim Sylvia. KO power is sick, especially the superman punch he pulled off in one of his last few fights. No cakewalk for Randy this time. I do believe he can win though.
4/24/07 2:54:35PM
I'm going to have to second snake on this one, you can never count Randy out. Sometimes experience makes all the difference.
4/24/07 4:23:29PM
i guess we will find out if gonzaga is for real at ufc 74
4/24/07 10:47:01PM
this is the lind of fighter that gives randy trouble, i hate to say it but i think he is going to lose... his only chance is a submission but i don't think he is going to get one.
4/25/07 3:06:46PM
I think Randy is an excellent fighter. He balances intelligent and great MMA experience. I think he will win this fight by finding holes in Gonzaga's game.
7/12/07 9:35:49PM
i never usually count Couture out, but this fight is different,Gonzaga
is a bad dude and i dont see Randy being able to take him down,
at the end of the fight Gabriel Gonzaga will have the belt and yet
another knockout on his record.
7/13/07 6:30:16PM
Randy will kill Gabriel Gonzaga at ufc 74 and still hold the title
7/30/07 7:35:23PM
Who thinks he can submit Randy
7/31/07 12:50:02AM
i think we all know that gonzaga is for real now. he knocked out cro cop, how much more real can you get. he is going to give randy all kinds of problems in all aspects of the game
7/31/07 3:59:26AM
gg has proved that he is the real deal with his ko over crocop but gonzaga has never faced anyone near the likes of randy couture. in the ufc gonzaga has kod kevin jordan in the worst fight ever, kod fabiano scherner, tapd marrero, and recently shocked the world by ko crocop. some could say it was even a lucky win against crocop, i mean lets face not too many people can say they saw that coming. i myself am a little indecisive about that but either way i just dont think that gonzaga is going to go in there and beat a guy like couture.
7/31/07 6:41:59PM

Posted by komodo20

Randy will kill Gabriel Gonzaga at ufc 74 and still hold the title

i do i do!!
8/2/07 12:08:32AM
Well, to me this fight could be a good one.
Randy Couture is arguably the face of UFC and has been getting great media exposure to the common fan. It reminds me on ESPN how Chuck Lidell was the face of UFC and him getting much media attention while the experienced but not too well known Rampage Jackson was not getting any love. Gonzaga is a good fighter who is not a real well known fighter to the common fan. Im not sure if Gonzaga's win was valid enough to call him one of the best however. Remember, Cro Cop refused to practice in the cage while training for this fight. Cro Cop was technically more experienced all around, but in the cage Gonzaga was definately more experienced. You take a strong BJJ fighter, (I believe Gonzaga is a Black belt in BJJ) with cage experience against a person who is not that good on the ground with NO cage experience and that is how it usually works.
Back to Couture v. Gonzaga.
I just think that with all this media attention, movie roles, etc... that Couture has had is definately a destraction for him. Even if it is the smallest of distractions, it is still a distraction. While Gonzaga is not really being builded up, still by some people to be a "no-name" fighter, but does have a good BJJ and GnP skills.
I give Gonzaga a 67% chance to win, I think he could either win by Submission or Decision while I think Couture's chance would only be by decision.
8/2/07 2:17:13AM
I don't think you can ever really count ANY fighter out of any fight honestly. Especially not someone of Randy's calibre. I'm having a hard time calling this fight personally, but I think that Gonzaga is the exact kind of fighter that has given Randy the most trouble in the past. Very large grapplers have been known to have the most success against Captain America... Ricco and Barnett (even though he was on roids... it's debatable just how much of a difference that would have made.) both have very similar styles to Gonzaga. I've got to pick Gabe on this one, but like everyone says, it's pretty hard to pick against Randy seeing the things he's done in the past.
8/2/07 6:40:46PM
i really wanna say that ganzaga is gonna take this one.. althought i'm a courture fan
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