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6/9/07 10:21:22AM
I got...

Herman over Smith
Macdonald over Singer
Okami over Franklin

I'll take the best wagers I get.
6/11/07 8:22:06AM
Still looking for a wager on Macdonald/Singer and Okami/Franklin.

Also taking wagers on Fioravanti over Petz at UFN 10.
6/11/07 9:20:34AM
I will take singer if you give me 3:1 odds, after UFCFN tho
6/11/07 12:48:49PM
I like Franklin over Okami by TKO
what is your terms??
6/11/07 12:56:06PM
I just sent you a wager request for Singer (me) vs MacDonald (you).
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