UFC 71 full odds out, any big surprises for you guys?

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5/24/07 9:39:55AM
Chuck Liddell -175
Quinton Jackson +145

Karo Parisyan -295
Josh Burkman +235

Ivan Salaverry -145
Terry Martin +115

Keith Jardine -500
Houston Alexander +350

Chris Leben -270
Kalib Starnes +210

Thiago Silva -220
James Irvin +180

Sean Salmon -125
Alan Belcher -105

Din Thomas -325
Jeremy Stephens +250

Wilson Gouveia -275
Carmelo Marrero +215


I was shocked that Martin wasn't a bigger underdog and I was surprised that Belcher/Salmon was essentially a pick'em.
5/24/07 12:35:57PM
Thanks for posting the odds. I have been waiting for these to come out.

There has been a lot of money on Jackson moving the line on the Liddell v. Jackson fight. the odds opened up at Liddell -300 and Jackson 240. I would stay away from this match.

The big surprise is Sean Salmon -125 and Alan Belcher -105. Salmon is a clear favorite. Belcher is on short notice and going up a weight class. Salmon is the easy money lead pipe lock of the week.

The underdogs that I would say have a good shot are Jackson, Martin, Starnes, Irvin, and Marrero.

I might have put some money on Jackson if the odds stayed were they were, but not now. They have moved too much.

I like Salaverry to win and the odds aren’t good enough to pick Martin, but he is a quality match up for Ivan.

If you like Starnes then put a few bucks on him. At 2.1:1 you can't pass him up. I think that this fight will be closer then the odds and I would like Starnes at even money.

I think Irvin can beat anyone. He can get dominated a whole match and pull out a win. Its a risky pick, but I have made it.

Marrero is the biggest dog that I am taking. I think it is a good value pick. I think the fight will be much more even then the line.
5/24/07 6:09:42PM
ESPN.com poll has something like 82% of people voting for Chuck to win against Rampage.

Those jerks need to put money on Liddell IMMEDIATELY so the line moves in my favor. This +145 nonsense isn't worth it.

And OH BOY, another battle of betting line favorites, this time in a match that will never see the light of day.

I'm frustrated, but I would be more frustrated if I hadn't already sort of planned not to wager on this event anyhow. I can't wait for UFC 74, though!
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