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4/23/07 12:43:21AM

A few thoughts from last night's show:

Dana White said recently that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's first UFC fight would be against a big-name opponent this summer. Could he be reconsidering after seeing two of his most marketable fighters get beaten badly by underdogs this month? Upsets make for exciting fights, but is it bad business to have the title belts changing hands as often as they do in the WWE?
In 13 MMA fights, Michael Bisping has only once gone to the third round. And he's never gone to the judges cards. 13-0. Nine knockouts and four submissions.
Before last night's Nyquil in Fight Form, Andrei Arlovski had only once gone to the judges in his career.

In Arlovski's defense, it's hard to blame a fighter for exercising caution, even at the expense of fan boredom. It's a sport where one unlucky punch can wreak havoc on a career. Though the UFC officials say they'd rather see someone fight hard and lose than be cautious and win, they aren't the ones getting punched in the head. And at the end of the day, the win-loss column is the important thing. If it weren't, we'd see Tank Abbott fight every month.
There were a lot of commercials during last night's show, but hey, it was free.
The Couture-Gonzaga fight might sell better than some people think. The advantage of having your hot new star brutally knocked out on free TV is that lots of people saw it and might be curious as to how Captain America will deal with a monster like Gonzaga.
And that was a brutal KO. One of the worst since Tank nearly decapitated Steve Nelmark.
By the way, Randy looked huge last night. Was that a bad-fitting suit or has he bulked up?

UFC 70: Updates and Fallout
A few notes from around the web:

UFC 70 drew more than 14,000 fans, with a live gate of $2.6 million, the third-highest in UFC history. "We are doing this fight in the U.K. and then we’re going to do a fight in Ireland and from there we’ll be expanding into Spain, Italy and Germany," Dana White tells the media. More at UFC Junkie.
Gabriel Gonzaga says he went into the Cro-Cop fight looking for a knockout. "I was looking for the opportunity and took it," Sherdog reports.
Cro-Cop's knee and ankle aren't damaged as badly as first thought. There are some injured ligaments but "It's nothing to worry about," Cro-Cop told Croation media. Source: UFC Mania.
Dana White says the Couture-Gonzaga fight is marketable. "Our job now is to sell Couture-Gonzaga," he said. "I can do it."
Michael Bisping admits he never saw the knee that knocked him to the ground in the second round of his fight against Elvis Sinosic. "I was like, 'What the **** was that,'" he says
4/23/07 12:53:58PM
Great observation. UFC in the UK was a huge success and I hope they continue to put on good shows throughout Europe.
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