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6/19/07 3:56:59PM
Does anyone know if the UFC has any plans to come to minnesota?
6/19/07 4:55:29PM
I hope so... I don't know if we're regulated by an athletic commision or whatever, although I know they have boxing up here, with all the Vanda and Litzau (sp?) fights around...

I heard that they were close to bringing it out to Chicago, so at least that's a little closer...

6/21/07 10:53:25PM
Ya we are regulated because there are Mixed Martial Arts shows up in Savage but the Target Center is in the cities for use, so ufc come on up.
6/22/07 12:24:07AM
If they do...I FULLY EXPECT Sherk to main event the card.
6/22/07 11:47:20AM
Y would you say that? Is Sherk from here? I'd like to see Arlovski or Chuck fight here.
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