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7/2/07 10:54:40PM
Is this just a rumor or is Ortiz vs. Evans really the main event for 73?? This would make absolutely no sense seeing as there are 2 title fights on this card, both in which i would rather watch then a has been facing a fighter who cant finish a fight, minus a nice kick to the head. If this is really the main event i think its a smack in the face to Silva and Sherk because thats like saying that their fights cant sell as good even though they are the champions.
7/2/07 11:10:50PM
Tito's just on all the posters because he's the biggest name i think.

It's Silva Vs Marquadt for the main event aint it?
7/2/07 11:16:44PM
I dunno but i thought i read somewhere that it was going to be a non title main event being Ortiz vs. Evans but i hope i read wrong because that would make no sense.
7/3/07 1:53:52AM
Silva and Marquardt is the main event since it's the first fight on the UFC Website which is always the last fight on the card.
7/3/07 9:37:58AM
Did you guys hear the report from Dana that Tito was bitching about the UFC not promoting him enough? The dude is on the undercard of 73 and is getting more face time and press than any of the title fights. His whining is starting to get annoying.
7/3/07 1:04:01PM
yeah its silva vs marquardt now thats going to be bad ass i pick silva by ko
7/3/07 2:28:22PM
silva vs marquardt is going to be the ufc 73 main event.
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