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2/21/07 3:16:21PM
I was reading a different thread earlier about 'undefeated streaks' and it got me thinking...

The UFC now has 3 arguably legit undefeated LHW's...

---Bisbing (only 1 test on the big stage, still needs to prove himself, IMO)

---Rashad (gets better and better every fight, but needs to face 'A' level comp)

---Machida (Vitually unknown to casual UFC fans)

What should be done about this situation?

Should they fight each other? Should they get shots at the belt first?

I personally think that this adds a lot of good angles for the LHW div to go, and should lead to some very exciting fights...

Things are looking on the rise for the UFC's LHW division

Whada ya'all think??
2/21/07 4:25:54PM
I think Jardine will fight either Chuck, Tito, or Babalu first out of the three undefeateds,and wil lose toany of them except maybeTito.
2/21/07 4:28:04PM
Rashad and Bisbing both have talent and potential, but as you stated they haven't yet exactly proved themselves or faced any top quality opponents. I do not think they should fight each other because that wont prove much. All that could really tell us is which one of the two is better at this point, not if they're capable of hanging with the top contenders. I think they both need to have some fights with proven quality fighters to show their capabilities and what level they're on right now. Until then, IMO it's all just hype.

For the fans that are familiar with Machida, we know he definatly has championship potential. Unlike Rashad and Bisbing, he has fought and defeated quality opponents. He has proved himself to be a contender. IMO the UFC should start giving him some more attention and let the casual fans recognize who he is and what he can do.

The LHW division is gonna be fun to watch as long as they mix in some good fighters with all the cans they've been feeding these guys. The potential talent is there, now let's see the fights.
2/21/07 4:47:10PM
I would really like to see Machida fight Rashad then the winner fight Rampage for number 1 contendership.
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