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6/4/07 11:39:49AM

The Nevada State Athletic Commission recently released its list of injuries incurred by fighters at UFC 71, and as expected, not everyone emerged from the octagon unscathed.

The most serious injuries appear to be incurred by James Irvin and Ivan Salaverry. Irvin, who had to tap out in his match with Thiago Silva after his knee bent awkwardly underneath him and had to be helped out of the octagon, may face the longest layoff. Though the extent of his injury is not yet known, he will face a medical suspension until November 23 unless a doctor clears him sooner. Salaverry, meanwhile, suffered a shoulder injury when he was slammed down by Terry Martin, which will have him sidelined at least for a month, but possibly longer.

Karo Parisyan, who defeated Josh Burkman via decision, might have suffered a broken thumb and must be cleared by a doctor prior to his next bout.

Keith Jardine and Chuck Liddell will both have layoffs of approximately two months following KO losses at the hands of Houston Alexander and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, respectively. The NSAC routinely suspends fighters who are knocked unconscious in their fights.

Kalib Starnes and Chris Leben, who fought a three-round slugfest which Starnes won via decision, both suffered facial lacerations which require them to sit out a month. And finally, Carmelo Marrero, who was choked out by Wilson Gouveia, can not fight until at least July 12.
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