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3/10/07 6:40:22PM
Does anyone know where i can buy some good quality cheap UFC gloves. I no u can buy them on ufc store but is there anywhere else a bit cheaper? something that looks like the pictures
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3/10/07 6:42:35PM
umm, no need to make two topics on this. and you can only get "ufc" gloves from the UFC website...
3/10/07 6:43:38PM
yea.. my bad.. didn't mean too..
3/10/07 7:38:25PM

Posted by bayonetxwork

umm, no need to make two topics on this. and you can only get "ufc" gloves from the UFC website...

I think you might be able to order them off Sherdog. Let me check. Here is the store and no you cant. But you can by Black gloves and put a UFC logo on them! Or you could by Shoot,KOTC, or sherdog gloves.

Okay dont by the custom gloves at sherdog. they ate $15 and you have to buy a minimum of 100.
3/10/07 8:11:17PM
Pride gloves are better anyways
3/11/07 1:33:07AM
I think the phrase "good quality cheap gloves" is an oxymoron.
3/12/07 3:09:35AM
if you are looking for gloves that say UFC or Pride on them, than you will have to go through their sites or an affiliate, but you can get decent quality mma gloves for less all over the web. Thunder is a good pair and the ones in your pic are ok as long as they don't have the bar on the palm. Those you can get at big5 or other sporting good shops. A good site is mmawarehouse.com. or awma has just about any piece of gear you could imagine.
4/20/07 10:11:20PM
i got some for $50 a pair out of a boxing mag
4/21/07 10:40:35PM
if you have a "Dicks Sporting Goods," they have the Century gloves for about 50 bucks. i don't think they have them on their site though.
5/30/08 2:19:20AM
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