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2/3/07 4:17:16AM

Posted by Svartorm

One of the big parts of the 3 vs 4 hour debate should have been the bar issue.

Bars that have commercial cable are charged MUCH more for PPVs than you. The bar next to where I work used to air UFC, Boxing, and Pride (because I bribed them ), but stopped because the cable company found out they weren't residential cable, but commercial and commerical cable PPVs are 6 times as much. The cost went from $40-$50 to $240-$300 overnight and they'd no longer be turning a profit, so they stopped. Adding $10 to the initial bill would just make it worse.

I personally think they should include the unaired fights as a seperate one hour PPV after the event, so if you want them, you can dish out the extra $10.

Excellent idea. I would pay it in a second. Some of the fight's with people who are not established are wars. I just watched Singer/Haynes on unleashed recently and it was highly entertaining and competitive.
2/3/07 4:29:48AM
lol...Singer/Haynes was hard to watch.....i was looking for peices of flesh on the canvas with every jab Rory threw.....i think Rory could of finished him but held back that last round out of pity
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