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2/11/07 11:20:27PM
As well as that. Liddel and Tito got PPV revenues.
In Rampages WFA contract he was also entitled to this, but only if he was in the main event. He may have this stipulation still in his contract, im not sure. If he did in his rumoured rematch with Chuck he could make quite the big payday.
Not to mention these salaries are only waht the UFC paid the fighters directly. UFC is pretty much in bed with XYience. So i would guess that most of these fighters are getting big paychecks from that company as well.
2/13/07 1:36:54PM

Posted by D-Boy
Those two fighters should have been paid more or at least get a bonus after their fight it was amazing. I think they should definately demand more next time around. I suppose the UFC LW division hasn't been around long so you could say they haven't worked out who the top guys are but I'm still disapointed in that.

The smaller guys almost always put on a good fight and really I think they deserve a better salary but unfortunately there seems to be so many top notch lil guys they dont demand the kind of saly that a top notch LHW or HW demands
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