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2/26/07 1:32:20AM
With a huge win over Pride's poster boy lightweight, do you think that Dana will go after Diaz to compete as a lightweight. He didn't cut it at welterweight but he looked good as a lighty. Said he felt good too. That would definately help boost the attention to that light weight belt....

Sherk vs Diaz??? I mean, I'd watch it..
2/26/07 1:39:42AM
No diaz said he it would be very hard to fight at that weight. Here's the interview from Maxfighting.Com of our front page

Interview with UFC Fighter turned Pride FC Fighter: Nick Diaz

By Tommy Messano
Friday, February 23, 2007

Nick Diaz, what a long strange trip it’s been. Always looking for a fight Diaz is 3 up and 3 down in his last 6 bouts. Three straight losses had many questioning the Stockton, California natives’ motivation. Now with three consecutive victories people are once again set to proclaim Diaz a contender. Which Nick Diaz will show up in his Pride FC debut?

On Saturday February 24th at Pride 33 Diaz will once again have a chance to the show the MMA world where he ranks. Pride lightweight champion Takanori Gomi will be making his first American appearance against Diaz in a non-title bout. Diaz’s first fight at 160 pounds will be versus arguably the best at 160. Playing the role of spoiler seems to suit Diaz just fine. With less than one week before what may turn out to be the biggest fight of his career, Diaz made time to speak with about Gomi, his future, and his Pride debut.

MaxFighting: How disappointed were you that didn't get to fight last month?

Nick Diaz: Yeah I was disappointed. I never want to train for a fight that's not happening. Luckily this other fight came up.

MaxFighting: How and when were you contacted by Pride to take on Gomi? What were your initial thoughts?

Diaz: They called me up right after my fight got cancelled in January. I gave them my manager's number. When Cesar talked to them they said they had a spot open and we agreed to take it. They first said that it wouldn't be Gomi or Sakurai but later they told "oh by the way it will be Gomi." I kind of figured something like that would happen so I didn't trip about it. I think my thoughts on this fight are the same as his. I'm happy to be fighting him and he's probably happy he's fighting me.

MaxFighting: Is the fight going to be at 160lbs? When was the last time you fought at such a low weight?

Diaz: I'm actually happy to fight at this weight. I've always wanted to fight in Pride with their rules and in a ring and it would be very hard for me to make 155. I've never fought at this weight (160 lbs.) but I wanted to.

MaxFighting: Size wise Gomi is similar to Oishi and Sarmiento, Do you see any similarities?

Diaz: Not really. Everyone brings something different to the ring.

MaxFighting: Gomi is considered the top lightweight in the world. What holes in his game have you seen? And how do you feel you match up with him?

Diaz: I think I can do anything he can do and I'm probably better at it. So we'll see.

MaxFighting: 2006 was a very busy year for Nick Diaz, win or lose what's next for you?

Diaz: Looks like I'll be fighting on Showtime and then there are other shows my manager is talking to. Right now there's only one show I'm thinking about and that's the one this weekend.

MaxFighting: Lastly, Any sponsors or people you wish to thank?

Diaz: I want to thank my supporters and training partners.

So, end of thread
2/26/07 1:40:33AM
Diaz is better off in pride...

UFC lightweights are mostly all great grapplers who will hold diaz down and those are the ones he has trouble with(even at welterweight)

Diaz/Sherk is bad match up for diaz
2/26/07 11:26:09AM
The weight in Pride seems to fit him well and there are a lot of interesting match-ups for him there. I wanna see him against Kawajiri, Hansen or even Azeredo.
2/26/07 11:52:03AM
Diaz's issue isn't his's his head. When the guy has his head in the game, he's a force....when he doesn't put in full effort, or thinks a win should be handed to him, he loses his edge.

The guy spent so much time complaining about loses in the UFC. This guy was greased, that guy wouldn't stand, etc... Mental toughness is one of the keys to greatness in this sport. At Pride 33, we saw the mentally tough Diaz. He had something to fight for, and looked prepared to go to war, regardless of his opponent.

The Diaz in the UFC wasn't mentally tough...and it made him worse for it. Forget about switching weight classes...the move to the other org. was the right decision. Now that he's earned respect there, though, he can't get lazy again. If he can stay focused, learn from his wins and his losses, and utilize the natural skills he has, he'll be the champ in no time.

Diaz is on the right track....lets see if he stays there.
2/26/07 11:58:28AM
Diaz doesn't seem like a guy who takes to being treated like he was in the UFC and the money is good for a FA with his name and quality of a fighter that he is. Plus beating the top ranked 155'er in the world doesn't hurt either.
2/26/07 2:32:01PM
If Diaz is smart he would hang in Pride until he gets a title shot (which should be soon). If he wins the title, or he can win the lightweight Grand Prix Torunament, then he should go back to Dana and he could come into the UFC lightweight division as a Grand Prix Champ like CroCop, or as Pride Champ.

I love both organizations, and anything that pits top fighters from one organization against another will mean top dollar for the fighters and huge buy rates for the MMA promotion!

Zuffa and Dreamscape Entertainment, need to see that, accept it, and go for it. Trying to be like Vince McMahon and take over everything is a mistake and will get the sport nowhere!

In fact I think they should cooperate as much as possibel!
2/26/07 2:37:12PM
Listen to The Beatdown . It says that Diaz cut a bit of weight to make 160. and a hour later he was back to 175. I dont think Diaz has enough Mass to cut to 155. I mean he is a very skinny guy. A lot fo his weight he cant cut. He isnt a guy like Sherk, who is muscualr and can lose a bit of musle. Diaz doenst have a huge muscle mass. If he were to cut to 155 then he wouldnt be strong at all and someone like sherk could GNP him mericlessly.
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