UFC 75 : Bring the Champions

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6/19/07 6:55:10PM
Fights :
Jackson vs Henderson
Cro Cop vs Kongo
Bisping vs hamill

Rumored Fights :
Alessio Sakara vs TBA
Jess Liaudin vs TBA
Dennis Siver vs TBA

Not bad at all...
Any thoughs on who should fight against the rumored fights?
6/19/07 7:42:12PM
well remember Bisping VS Shamrock is just a rumor at the moment. Last i herd he was in negotiations with the UFC and expected to be back soon but didn't say anything about possible opponents
6/19/07 7:42:51PM
I'd like to see

jess Liaudin vs. Josh Burkman
alesio sakara vs. Shogun
6/19/07 7:52:06PM
i'd like see shogun destroy sakara, sakara has done nothing special in his last few fights
6/19/07 7:59:10PM
Yeah shogun would hurt him bad. sakara in his last 5 fights has got kicked in the nuts and it was a NC, beat sinosic, lost to lister, got KO'd (i guess that what you would call him randomly falling) by McFedries, and beat valamaki. I think it would be an ok fight between him and shogun though. of course shogun would win by KO in the 1st
6/19/07 9:02:37PM
I just want to see shogun in the cage.
6/19/07 10:24:51PM
agreed! I'm gonna miss the face stomps and soccer kicks though lol those were viscious
6/19/07 10:34:09PM
But now he has the ''Flying punch'' like fedor :D
6/19/07 10:36:14PM
ah true!
6/20/07 11:22:06AM
isn't shogun getting married in Sept

i dont think he will be fighting if that is true
6/20/07 8:37:50PM
shogun would kill sakara, prolly within the first 2 minutes.
6/20/07 8:54:02PM
Bisping - Shamrock destroys the whole card.
Since the card is in London it's not surprising to see Liaudin on there but Siver?! Come on!
Europe has better talent than that!

Liaudin isn't one of the best european fighters either. I guess most of the european talent is tied up with either Cage Rage or Bodog.
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