UFC vs. Boxing Ratings - Who Is More Popular?

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5/3/07 2:59:37PM
The most watched UFC fight so far in 2007 on Spike TV outdrew the most watched boxing match on television this year by 73%.

5/4/07 7:06:01AM
until mayweather vs de la hoya!
5/4/07 1:15:18PM
Mayweather vs. De La Hoya will be huge, I agree, but that's it.
Those are the only two boxers who could outsell a MMA event.
5/4/07 4:07:53PM
Am I right in saying that Tyson / Lewis was the most purchased PPV in history?

I thought that I remembered hearing that somewhere... But do ya'all think that PBF / Oscar will break that record (if that wasn't it than just the record)? Just curious
5/4/07 4:16:29PM
it could break the record, but i have no idea who has it right now....this is a huge fight though, hardcore and casual fans will be tuning in. the bad thing is with it being cinco de mayo i see a lot of people having parties and going to bars to watch it so the numbers may be a little down from what is expected by some
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