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1/30/07 6:18:30PM
Just picked up the DVDs today. I had them on VHS but haven't watched them in years because, well... they're on VHS. "The King Of the Streets" cut the "Polar Bear" down. Some of the most vicious leg kicks I have ever seen. It's kind of funny watching Mark Hall, Harold Howard, Remco Radoel and the likes. I did get to see Oleg "The Russian Bear" Taktarov foght Shammy.

I like Blatnik, but "The Dragon" had to go. Beck wasn't bad. Would ask questions of technique to Blatnik and "The Dragon" who really had no idea at the time what was happening and they would try to say something and the fighter would do the complete opposite to escape. My, how things have evolved
1/30/07 6:31:43PM
Man, that brings back some memories. That was the fist UFC i ever ordered on PPV... More acurately my dad let me order it I think I was only 14 at the time,lol and had a bunch of friends bring 5 bucks a piece...

And, I've been hooked ever since...

Rabid MMA fan since September 8th 1995
1/30/07 7:47:04PM
taktarov is a family friend and goes to my aunts store all the time
i believed he was our security guard when we went to a club one time
funny guy!
1/30/07 7:48:15PM
Man UFC8 was awesome. The Gary Goodridge had some wicked fights.
1/30/07 7:54:56PM

Posted by madmarck

Man UFC8 was awesome. The Gary Goodridge had some wicked fights.

Those elbows making Herrera's head flop were a scary sort of comedy
1/31/07 3:31:39AM
Gotta love old school UFC. My only complaint is watching guys that have absolutely no idea what they're doing, as its a bit frustrating watching every single guy get taken down, mounted, then roll right into a RNC. At least they were still bare knuckle though.