Going to UFC 68

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2/20/07 10:06:50PM
Heading to Ohio for the fights does anybody now exactly where and what time the weight ins and meet n greet are. Any help is appreciated. I will have many pics when i come back from this so i will post them.
2/21/07 12:28:25AM
I'm not sure about the starting times of things but I am jealous. The UFC website should have the times your looking for. Have Fun.
2/21/07 2:34:43AM
You're lucky man I wish I could go.
2/21/07 3:43:24AM
was going to see chuck rampage but thats out now for a while it was in vegas an all
2/21/07 2:25:01PM
Man, i was supposed to go but my plans did not go as i wanted, its the closest ufc event being held by where i live, oh well i help u have lotsof fun and show us some pics when youre back
2/28/07 5:23:47PM
Have fun you sausage lover
2/28/07 7:30:29PM
Hope you have fun