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2/16/07 12:31:06PM
there's a rumor out there...Nate "the great" Marquardt vs Anderson Silva

Iam a Marquardt fan...and I was a little disappointed that they did not show his last fight against Lister on TV..oh well...but know Iam pretty pumped to hear that his long overdue title shot is commin...

Nate in rd3 gnp victory...new champion

Also on this card.....if GSP gets by Serra rofl: and Hughes gets past Lytle

well there are suppose to main event that ppv again...hughes vs gsp (the trilogy)

a little too early...for my liking but i will still love watchin gsp pick apart hughes AGAIN!

2/16/07 12:59:38PM
Silva 2nd rd KO....Hughes 3rd TKO
2/16/07 1:07:37PM
Already posted about Nate The Great in the Nate thread a little below but I will say this; I'm very happy that Nate is finally getting his title shot alot of the casual fans will not know who he is but hardcore ones know this is going to be a great matchup and I think Rich if he wins the J-Mac fight will probably fight the winner of the Swick fight coming up for a title shot.
2/17/07 2:24:09AM

Posted by hathcock32

Silva 2nd rd KO....Hughes 3rd TKO

yes...no, hughes will never beat GSP again
2/17/07 2:41:14PM
Anderson Silva by round 1 KO
GSP by round 2 TKO
2/17/07 2:58:49PM
I haven't heard anything about Hughes/GSP on this card. Where did you find the info? As for Silva/Marquardt. Marquardt has never been Koed, not saying it won't happen, but it never has yet. Marqaurdt hasn't lost in about 4 years and I think he has improved a lot as a fighter. The only thing that prevent's me from ranking him higher at middleweight is the competion he's faced since then. Masaki is the best fighter he's faced IMO since then, and he while he snapped his arm it was a while ago( and in Pancrase) . Sallaverry fight was boring, and they dark matched him against Lister. I'm not saying he isn't as deserving, I just wonder how they plan to sell the fight to the casual fan. I would guess we'll be seeing him against Lister, Wallace, and El Duerte on unleashed soon if this is true.