UFC 70 a Near-Record Sellout

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4/23/07 1:36:53AM

A sold-out crowd of 14,921 filed into Manchester’s M.E.N. Arena for yesterday’s event, which featured Gabriel Gonzaga’s stunning upset of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. The capacity crowd tallied a live gate of $2.6 million — the third-highest total in the 12-year history of the facility
4/23/07 5:00:36AM
Liars, there was no way it sold out, I asked the steward he said it wasn't particularly busy, I know for a fact that they were offering the fans in the higher tier free tickets to go and sit down below to make the arena look full for the cameras.
4/23/07 9:02:42AM
it wasnt a sell out at all......The MEN can hold about 22,000...take away the seats behind the big screens......I would say it could have fitted 17000 - 18000 people.......but 15,000 people isnt a bad turn out considering the prices (£25, £50, £100 & £250) and thats with the £1 being worth $1.99!
4/23/07 10:03:41AM
just think though guys, it looked more full than ufc 38 at royal albert hall.
Brawl @ the royal albert hall was three quarters empty, the fans there didnt even know what they were watching, they only cheered for ian freeman coz they heard the ring announcer say he was from sunderland, england !!!!
Next time it will sell out, i bet !!!
I reckon cage rage was a near sell out wasnt it ???
4/23/07 11:16:14AM
Think it was possibler to fit 16,000 in the way it was set out. And just below 15,000 was the attendance.

And yeah, my mates had £25 tickets and got moved to the £100 section. According to a steward, I think they had held back 1000 seats, for another phase of selling but not actually got round to putting them up for sale. Which pissed me right off as I had paid that anyway lol!
4/23/07 12:02:16PM
you can see lots of empty seats all over , looked like an old wcw event crowd
4/23/07 11:54:15PM
It was an awesome turn out wether they sold out or not and the atmosphere was one of the most incredible experiences ever
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