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6/24/08 10:55:25AM
Spain vs Russia
Turkey vs Germany

Who do you think is going to come out the victor?

WED/25th - Germany is going to end Turkey's comeback victories and hold them to a one goal lead til the end.

THUR/26th - Puyol and Iniesta arent going to allow any goals for Russia while Torres and David Villa score 2 to 3 goals to shut out Russia.

SUN/29th - Spain vs Germany(i hope) - Should be a great back and forth game but my moneys going to be on Spain's strong defense to hold off Germany.

Too bad Italia is out now...
6/24/08 12:04:58PM
Arshavin caught my eye in the UEFA CUP Final for Zenit. i was disappointed to find out that he was suspended for the first two Euro games. but now that hes back and kicking ass, he will continue the incredible run for Russia.
6/24/08 12:46:38PM
Even though i hate Jens Leighman, (i think i might have misspelled his last name) but anyway i think Germany is going to take it... not sure why but thats who my money is on.
6/24/08 12:49:35PM
Spain wins it all
6/24/08 12:54:15PM
Im going for germany to take it all, beating spain in the final. Spains downfall is that they dont really play a natural right winger, ineista is alot better playing in the middle, but they play him on the wing. Also, they've shown a few defencive lapses through the tounrey, i think russia might exploit that and get a goal, but spain will still win.
6/24/08 1:35:33PM
Yeah im going for spain vs germany and hopefully that match goes to PK's because those are just intense to watch.
6/24/08 3:47:09PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Yeah im going for spain vs germany and hopefully that match goes to PK's because those are just intense to watch.

Although i hate when important games go to penalties, because it doesnt matter who the better team is, just a matter of luck...i still love to watch them, I think spain would have a big advantage in the PKs, Casillas is just too damn good.....

Germany Vs Spain in the finals, Spain wins 2-1 in extra-time.
6/25/08 3:31:59PM
I think it will be a Germany v Russia final and the Germans will win. I picked Germany from the start.
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