Tyson Griffin vs Marcus Aurellio - UFC76???

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7/6/07 12:04:11PM
found this on sherdog (unfortunately), but it seems to have come straight from marcus.. here is the link and the message:

If your a friend on Marcus Auerelios myspace you would have gotten this message last night:

Great news my friends! I finally got my first fight in the UFC. I will fight Tyson Griffin who fought at UFC 72. It is the first fight on my contract and it will take place at UFC 76 Terror. I have been training since my last fight in Pride and am ready to go if the fight was tomorrow. I will train hard and put on a show for the American fans.

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- Maximus


take it for what it's worth, i'm not saying it is definately going to happen, there's a lot of time between now and then.. but apparently it came from marcus, so i don't think he would announce that if he wasn't pretty sure of it..

7/6/07 1:46:13PM
Tyson Griffin is going to demolish them, no offense to Marcus at all, but I just dont see Tyson losing again in the UFC for a while.
7/6/07 2:08:53PM
Tyson's gonna kill him
7/6/07 2:54:44PM
another decision for griffin, going to be LnP all 3 rounds..
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