Tyson Griffin vs Joe Stevenson (please make dis happen)

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7/15/08 8:05:07PM
dis would be a ****** hell of a match who do u guy think would win ...ps Tyson Griffin is a ****** beast
7/15/08 8:10:37PM
Joe would take that IMO. Whats with the dis? I remeber using that in like 96
7/15/08 8:11:52PM
I would love for this fight to happen. The rumor going around is that Tyson will be fighting Sherk at 89 I believe but that is far from being confirmed. This fight would be off the hook though.
7/15/08 11:00:38PM
Tyson gets outclassed by sherk and loses a close decision to if that is possible to joe stevenson IMO
7/16/08 1:53:03AM
Would love to see this fight, but wouuld have to give the edge to Daddy!!
7/16/08 2:05:47AM
tyson needs to get his first none decision win imo...
i know i'm over eggzagerating.. but damn.. the guy can hardly finish a fight
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