tyson griffin v. clay guida result

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6/16/07 4:14:00PM
tyson griffin wins by split decision
6/18/07 9:35:35AM
Great fight, very technical and non-stop. I'm not sure if I agree with the result, I think it should've been Guida by split, but hey, split decisions suck....
6/22/07 10:27:43AM
guida should have won...i'm not all that impressed by griffin who if i remember correctly was hyped to be the next thing in the ufc lightweight division
7/6/07 11:16:12PM
i heard that was a great fight
7/23/07 5:10:46PM
I saw this live amazing fight. real tough decision but I think they give it to tyson becouse of the damage he was still able to do off his back
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