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5/17/07 4:23:38PM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

ha i would love to see his cocky ass take a left head kick from hell, or some GnP from fedor, or hell.....even an arm bar from big nog! i just wanna see him get put on someone elses highlight reel.

Are you talking about Tyson or Lampley? Just kidding, although I would love to see a fighter get a hold of Lampley, "Quit squirming you little stupid bitch".
5/17/07 6:33:09PM
5/18/07 3:26:53AM
He probably will fight, as only HAS BEEN boxer ever try MMA...
5/18/07 3:32:35AM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

Posted by hippysmacker

I f he doesn't go to prison again, I hope they let him fight in Japan against Fedor. I would laught my butt off when Fedor dotted him up on the feet and then took him down. A vicious GnP victory that Jim Lampley can watch, and learn that pure boxers can't compete with a mixed martial artist.

No doubt Fedor would own Iron Mike in a MMA match, but dot him up on his feet?

I don't know about that... Fedor's got good standup and all, but we're talking Tyson here, who in his prime was one of the fastest most powerful HW ever...

Fedor would take Mike down and ratchet on a kimura 2 minutes in...

TYSON is pretty fckin FAR from his prime!! He was in his prime in the early 90's.. If he has fought in UFC 1 or any of the early UFC's i think he would have had a great change of winning a tournament, but back then he was getting paid like at least 5 million a fight, the UFC back then could probably stretch to pay him 10k, so Tyson fighting back then was never a option...

How do u think he would have done in the early UFC's?? Imagine what he would have done to Tank?!!! I actually think in the 90's if he would have fought in the UFC with no gloves on, he would have killed someone..
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