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5/12/08 3:41:33PM
OK, I have two questions about BJJ and would prefer serious answers if anyone has them.

1) Do most BJJ schools promote their students based on performance in tournaments? It seems that a lot of articles I read about getting brown or black belts has to do with competition. i.e. Kron Gracie, Nick Diaz (after Gomi fight), Nate Diaz after a couple submission wins

Is this a thing for only higher belts or do most BJJ schools promote students faster when they do well in competition. I guess if you are dominating in your class at tournaments I can see that it is a sign you're ready to get promoted, but is it the only way to get higher ranks?

2) After a lot of BJJ matches, ADCC matches and even some MMA matches involving BJJ guys (i.e. look at Joe Stevenson) I find that there is some discussion after the match. What are they saying. Usually it is the winner talking to the loser, but I can't think of anything that could be said that isn't patronizing in some way. Is it advice or something?
5/12/08 4:33:24PM
Where i train you dont have to compete to get to the higher belts. It does help though. Its a quicker way to for you and your instructor to gauge where you are. It is incredibly difficult to move up in our school.

As fas as whats being said normally its good match or talking about a point in the match that could of changed everything. I find since i am new guys will sometimes give me tips on what was working and what wasnt.
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