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POLL: Velasquez vs. Morris?
Velasquez 87% (33)
Morris 13% (5)
3/8/08 3:01:11PM

Cain Velasquez vs. Brad Morris, who wins?
3/8/08 3:06:52PM
Valasquez, he's a great wrestler and he has pretty good cardio for a heavyweight. I saw one of his fights in Bodog and I'm impressed. I think he will do good, but he's not in the upper level of fighters in the UFC......yet.
3/8/08 3:44:57PM
i didnt vote bc i know nothing bout either, but glad to see ufc adding a lil depth to a very weak division
3/8/08 5:52:44PM
Fitch said he's the next big thing and I will agree with him and look forward to it. Been looking for his fights in Bodog but have failed so far. But I think he will do great.
3/8/08 11:26:27PM
cain velasquez train with a lot of great fighter and a good camp he only have 2 fight he is very talent
3/9/08 10:32:50AM
I'm happy to see the UFC get some new meat for the HW division. Dont know much about these guys, but we'l find out. Also at UFC 84 Ill Will there will be another new HW in Shane Carwin. I watched a HL of him on here and dude looks to be a beast so i said we;ll see how good these guys are
3/11/08 2:27:14PM
Cain Velasquez is a good fighter. I don't know anything about Brad Morris.
The UFC needs some new heavyweight blood either way.
3/11/08 4:12:49PM
Cain is a future UFC HW champ baby!
3/11/08 7:29:31PM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

i didnt vote bc i know nothing bout either, but glad to see ufc adding a lil depth to a very weak division

QFT, they really do need to add some depth to the division. Currently, I do not see anybody beating Big Nog. Although, it was funny to see Liddel say he would fight him and stylistically I would give him a good chance of winning. I sure hope the UFC signs AA back and, I'm still upset I bought the last UFC and didn't even get to see one of my favorite HWs fight!
3/12/08 4:02:07AM
Cain Velasquez is a good wrestler but has won both his fight by quick KO/TKO. He has possibilities to be great training out of AKA. He beat Team Quest's Jeremiah Constant who is one of the better than average unknown HW's out there.

All I know about Aussie Brad Morris is that he lost to the top 2 none Anthony Perosh Aussie/Kiwi HW's. One was Soa Palelei who recently joined the UFC with no success, the other was Big Jim York. Why the UFC didn't signed him instead I couldn't tell ya except Morris is supposed to be muched improved since that fight.
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