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12/29/08 5:22:34PM
The Mir/Nog fight reminded me of other fights as well where you have two guys who are fairly equally skilled on the ground, so they decide to cancel that out and keep it standing instead. But I'm thinking why choose something that is not your forte? Why not actually see who is better on the ground? Why not put your skills to the test? WHY DIDN'T NOG TRY FOR A TAKEDOWN?!
Do you train for many years in jiujitsu so that you don't have to use it? And I'm not just talking about the Mir/Nog fight, I mean other similar matchups as well.
12/29/08 5:26:53PM
For Mir, I think he trained his hands hard and planned to beat Nog on the feet because he didn't think he could beat him on the ground.
For Nog, he's not too quick to shoot for a takedown. I know he didn't even try, but he probably had it in his head what most others did... That he's better than Mir everywhere. I don't know if I've ever seen that much improvement in one aspect of a fighter, from one fight to the next, ever.
12/29/08 5:44:10PM
Nog tried to keep it on the ground Mir wanted nothing to do with that. Props to Mir for Training his hands to beat Nog.
12/29/08 5:45:35PM
Mir was a state champion wrestler so it would have been extremely difficult for Nog to get it to the ground. I thought the standup was pretty even so I went with the assumption that Mir would gas like he usually does.

Aside from Nog just not looking like Nog, I think a big swaying factor in this fight is the enormous amount of footage available on Nog since he's been in so many fights. Mir is great at breaking down footage and I'm sure all that tape allowed Mir to find a number of weaknesses and holes in Noguiera's game. It's much more difficult to go up against a fighter that you know next to nothing about.
12/29/08 6:08:22PM
Look at Nog/Werdum for the same thing. When both are not just good but SO FRICKIN GOOD, you know that as good as you are there's always the chance they could catch you in something. These guys also train MT and boxing and etc... so they often choose to try for the standing win and hopefully not go to where they know they are so even. Can't really blame them, it's not a JJ match or sub wrestling or anything. There's also the element of surprise and going for the gameplan that the other doesn't expect you to take.

I can see why as a fan you want to see them go at it on the ground, but I can see why as a competitior they might choose to not go there.
12/29/08 6:13:20PM
I think often when you are so skilled in something for so long, you want to test yourself in other areas. This was one of those times.
12/30/08 2:06:10AM
They're scared of someone equally good at their strength.

Wrestlers never go to the ground against eachother, Hamill doesn't count cuz he's on another level than everyone else. Two Boxers tend to try to out Jitz the other. We've seen that.

BJJ from what I remember, is a different story. Two JJ guys will 50/50 go fight on the ground.

I think that is more the reason. Plus Mir knew what he was doing, he seems to be a genius in preparation. Nog just always had that thing with his will and chin. Probably figures the ground is there if he needs it.

If you figure you're going against a grondfighter you can't finish with a sub then test his standup.
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