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2/1/08 11:59:32AM
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira spent the first part of 2007 dedicating himself to training boxing for the Pan-American Games. The Brazilian did well, capturing the bronze medal and losing only to the champion of his weight class.

Now his focus is back on MMA, and he will face Todd Gouwenberg on Friday in Canada at Hardcore Championship Fighting. In two interviews with, the first in Brazil with Gleidson Venga and the second the day before he fights in Canada, "Minotoro" discusses his return.
2/1/08 12:16:04PM
Can't wait to see Minotoro back. Always entertaining. His fight with Shogun was one of the best fights of all time. Hopefully he wins and signs with UFC or something. I would like to see him back in there against big names.
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